• Sensitive Evolution (previously HSP Health) helps each highly sensitive person (HSP) embrace their unique trait and gifts in order to take their place in the world with a focus on evolving and emerging cultural systems.

    Most highly sensitive people do not get what they need to come into their own. The Sensitive Evolution website seeks to change that situation. It

    1. facilitates understanding about why some people are HSPs, and why it is not”flaw.”
    2. provides HSPs with perspective on their characteristic including the range of manifestations of the trait. Being more aware of the highly sensitive trait can make it easier to find kindred spirits.
    3. helps HSPs deal with the fact that they can be misperceived by non-HSPs and why that sometimes means that some of their needs may not be understood.
    4. provides information to make it easier for HSPs get a handle on their stress and health needs so that they are able to manage their particular challenges and develop effective strategies for successful self-care. Long term strategies make it easier for HSPs to avoid the situation of getting so stressed that they opt for a quick fix for their current problems, creating a vicious cycle of sickness and partial recovery.
    5. offers information about alternative health solutions for health and stress problems.
    6. features a wide variety of experts and healing modalities that help HSPs become empowered about their trait and their health.  This is a solutions oriented website that is open to ideas and approaches that work to make life better for sensitive people.
    7. helps HSPs to appreciate themselves and the important role they play in the world.
    8. provides information and tools that facilitate self appreciation.
    9. provides online learning opportunities that develop self awareness and self value.
    10. provides online learning opportunities that help HSPs take their important place in the world.