Self-Guided Anytime Colorado Cleanse - Complete Program

  • Self-Guided Anytime Colorado Cleanse - Complete Program

Self-Guided Anytime Colorado Cleanse - Complete Program


The Colorado Cleanse is a specially designed 14-day cleanse that detoxifies the body and fat cells and repairs and restores the digestive system. It is gentle so it can be helpful for sensitive people struggling with compromised digestion and its symptoms.

What Is The Colorado Cleanse?

From the Lifespa website: "This kit is for people who plan to cleanse at their own time of choosing and will not receive the guided support that comes along with the Group Cleanse. If you feel you need guidance throughout the cleanse, please check out our "Group Cleanse Kits," which are found on the Group Colorado Cleanse page.


The Colorado Cleanse is a 2 week at-home detox and digestive reset program, designed to help detoxify fat soluble toxins that can store for years in the fat cells.* Unlike other fad cleanses, the Colorado Cleanse is rooted in sound medical science and the ancient cleansing wisdom of Ayurveda. This cleanse has been developed by Dr. Douillard through decades of clinical practice with thousands of successful cleansers, many of whom are now our biggest fans.

Where fad cleanses emphasize extreme fasting and dangerously unbalanced diets, the Colorado Cleanse relies on a gentle, simple diet that allows the body to burn fat without hunger pains.*

And where fad cleanses trigger blood sugar crashes, starvation-mode cravings and immediate binging afterwards, the Colorado Cleanse balances the blood sugar, allowing the body to enjoy the contented blissful energy of natural fat-metabolism, while you continue working and going about your daily life.*

The Colorado Cleanse is unique because it repairs the body's detox and digestive channels before starting the detox.* Cleansing without this preparation can move toxins from one fat cell to another, which defeats the purpose of cleansing and often manifests as stubborn digestive weakness and symptoms of lymphatic congestion.*


During the 2-week Colorado Cleanse you will do a daily practice of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, 12 minutes of aerobic exercise, take 7 Ayurvedic herbal formulas that support the detox process, and eat a special diet during the four phases*. The Colorado Cleanse book and DVD guide you through each step with knowledge, protocols, tips and frequently asked questions.


The Anytime Colorado Cleanse Complete Kit is for people who have never done the Colorado Cleanse before, as it includes the required Colorado Cleanse book and DVD. This kit includes:

  • Colorado Cleanse Book
  • Detox DVD
  • 7 Organic Herbal Formulas: Warm Digest Gentle Digestor Cool Digest, Sugar Destroyer, Beet Cleanse, Liver Repair, Turmeric Plus, Manjistha, Regenerate
  • 10 Packets Organic Kitchari
  • Organic Ghee (lactose-free)
  • Lymphatic Massage Oil"
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